Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friends for Dinner and Highlands on TV

Only 21% left on my battery so i'm going to need to make this fast before I have to plug in.

For dinner tonight Beth had the great idea of doing a low-fat cooking club session with an Asian theme and it went over great...we had baked egg rolls, peanut noodles, Asian salad, chocolate wontons...and of course tea. Everybody had a great time and Beth did all the cooking on the entree (moo shu chicken) and the eggrolls and set the table and did some of the dishes all with out me because of our late softball games (i went 2-3 and 3-3 respectively but we still lost both....limping into the playoffs next week).

The other interesting tidbit of the day is at the movies last night we saw a coming attraction for a new on-line series sponsored by JC Penny's. They are taking high-school students from different "cliques/groups" and "flipping" them by making them wear the other's clothes and hang out with the other groups. The kicker is that from the opening shot I pegged it as happening at Highlands (for those of you that don't know it's my High School). Sure enough I found the link tonight and (of course) I was right. Check out the link here.

Ok that's all tonight. Back to my wife, dog, and a recipe search for good sour pickles.

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Jason said...

What's with the freaky zombie on the JCPenny's site? That's retarted.