Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lotus Notes will be the Death of Me...But Lotus root is good!

In fairness I have yet to dive into the program but today I got my work computer back after it was "imaged" (erased and rebuilt with a bunch of administrator safeguards that are there primarily because of the other screw ups in the Government who can't manage to resist the temptation to open up that e-mail marked "Urgent...great business opportunity" and spread one virus or another across the network).

My contracting agency's IT department has decided this program is the way to go and it, unfortunately is just plain cumbersome. I have something like 4 address books and 6 different passwords to log on with just to (if I'm lucky) see some pointless e-mail that applies to only one person but the sender felt the need to send to a mailing list of 50.

On to slightly better things. The 2nd to last element came in for the Baby Daddy Party to occur this weekend (I'll have full updates after the event to protect the innocent). Also we went out as an office to lunch for a co-worker's birthday. We had an excellent meal at a Malaysian restaurant downtown. The food was wonderful and they must have heard us talking about her birthday because they brought over a mango w/ sticky rice desert with a candle and sang Happy Birthday.

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davighd said...

so is it a special sauce that makes it sticky??