Friday, July 27, 2007

Security Guard parity and my squagel

First thought of the morning is security guard parity. The guards in my building brought this to mind but you can apply it to any situation (I'm especially thinking of airport security.) Whenever the situation arises that you have 2 guards - 1 on the x-ray machine and the other on the metal detector- the one on the x-ray machine is usually the one you like more. Here's my thinking: the metal detector operator is the one who makes people go back and walk through again after setting off the alarm and then if it happens a 2nd time they have to scan you with the "wand" and it holds up the whole line and people get grumpy (even on Friday morning...go figure). Whereas the x-ray guard is the person who at the end of your security ordeal hands you back your bags and says "Have a nice day." Now how can you not favor that guard over the other?

So to the squagels. Square-Bagels. Only in America, actually only at Cosi which may or may not be only in America. So I've had these engineered marvels in the past (actually they don't taste any different the the other crap-chain-non-New York bagels you get around here) but today I thought I'd veer away from the main stream and not get an Everything, non-toasted with light cream cheese. Today is Friday and I want to ride that wave of dressing down and being casual in the workplace one day a week, so I ordered a Cranberry-Orange squagel, toasted with cream cheese (don't want to get too wild and ask for butter.) Well what I got was a Salt squagel with a small amount of dried cranberries. Needless to say I was not a satisfied customer. So to the Squagel Division at Cosi I say, "I bit yours, now bite me!"

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