Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some Ice and Some Coffee

Sorry for another food post (2 today) but I just had to Vente (get it, vente.....ugggggg)

Went to the cafeteria here to get an iced coffee. Instead of getting a small cup filled with coffee and then a large cup with ice, today I decided just to take the large cup of ice and then fill it with coffee. This way I save using one cup and do my part for the environment (damn, I've gone green).

Well at checkout the cashier says she has to charge me for a large coffee, which of course I protested explaining my good intentions of saving a cup but she was having nothing off it Her words were along the lines of "Sweetie if you want me to only charge you for a small coffee then you need to bring it up in a small cup."

I'm going to Holly's tomorrow morning....no more of this stuff.

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