Thursday, July 19, 2007

Update on the Bike and Mitt Romney is a Dope!

Ok first, a quick update on the bike. It is fixed and the new pedals are on. It took two people (thanks Beth) and the advice of my Father-In-Law (thanks Jeff) but we got it working. Going for a test ride tomorrow morning and I'll let you all know from there.

On to item #2 on today's agenda. In an article I read in the DC Examiner today titled "Romney plans attack on pornograhpy to try to woo social conservatives." He is quoted at one point (after being questioned about using the "F bomb" during an event in the 2002 Winter Olympics) as saying, “I have not used that word since college — all right?” Romney told the Globe. “Or since high school.”

Yet in the next paragraph he's quoted as saying (in regards to using the proper medical term of male genitalia), “That word doesn’t come up in my conversation.” Even among “a bunch of guys hanging around a bar, it doesn’t come up.”

Is it just me or should a Mormon not be in a bar at all? I know they're allowed in bars, we all are, well some bars anyway, but don't you drink and smoke in a bar? Would that seem like a place where a former Governor, and now Presidential candidate who's religious beliefs ban those two "diversions" should be "hanging out"?

Those are my 3 cents. Your thoughts America?

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