Thursday, July 26, 2007

"W" as in "WHAT a dumbass!"

Sometimes I think that our esteemed President needs to go back through his "no child left behind" program. In today's paper he's quoted as saying:
“And there’s a good reason they are called al Qaeda in Iraq: They are al Qaeda … in … Iraq.”


If I may borrow from Marge Simpson here, "Well duh."

Please, Please, Please let this be the last time you vote for somebody because they appear to be a "common man" like you or me.....Please let's get somebody in here (doesn't matter which party) who can express themselves in a dignified manner that is a bit more becoming of the office of President of the United States. And for the next 15 months or so can we please, please, please get a speech writer and a teleprompter for the dumbass from Texas!

Oh and while we're at it and using him as an example, To my boss: There's a good reason you should give me a raise: because you....give me....a raise!


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