Monday, August 13, 2007

Does Anybody Know what color this is...

...If you said Tangerine Metallic Pearl you'd be right (and I'd want to recommend that you seek professional counseling).

As you may be able to guess we went to look at cars to replace the aging Darryl-mobile this weekend and while we found somethings we like (dare I say the three dreaded letters: S-U-V), we aren't sure yet and probably won't make a decision for a few weeks. But what really started to drive me mad was the lexicon (use that the next time you play Scrabble) of car colors out there. The change not only from manufacturer to manufacturer, but also change from model to model within the same dealership! WTF??? (What the Fig Newton for those of you keeping score at home).

In fact the best experience we had of the day was at CarMax where they simply call the cars "red", "blue", "silver" etc. Why can't they all be so frigin easy?

I'll have more to update on the car soon.

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