Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Follow up note to my Dog

Ok so you were good last night and for that you were rewarded with some yummy ice cream from Bruster's.

For those of you that are dog people and don't yet know, Bruster's Ice Cream shops give away free "Doggie Sundaes" when you bring your four-legged friend.

Speaking of which we took her and the 'rents by to a dealership yesterday to look at the car we're considering. We had some concerns about passengers being able to get in and out of the back seats with ease and figured that my parents would be a good test case. The car passed with flying colors, not to mention that the PupALup had no problem with the floor and seemed to love it. That only leaves one thing standing in our way of ownership...money...I need someone out there to give us a good (fair) deal on this car....more info to come later.

I also want to point out a good article in from the Sunday Washington Post (cover story actually) on high-school football players in American Samoa. Take a look here.

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