Monday, September 10, 2007

Jackson Aaercea, I know what you've done!!

You've been a bad boy Mr. Aaercea. You were operating a motor vehicle on the highway without a license. What's more, you either failed to show up for your court date or pay your violation. Therefore you now have a warrant out for your arrest!

To be fair there are also a thousand other names on the list of warrants issued for traffic citations in Montgomery County, MD (full list can be found here).

The two biggest surprises though are that 1) I'm not on their (nor should I be!) and 2) that among the names that are missing are: Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon, Adam Shore, Mad Max Asher, and Josh Cohen (aka the original members of the band Warrant.)

That's all just don't let me catch your name on here...I'll turn you in for the reward money!

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