Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One Crazy Summer

So on the last day of summer I've chosen to reflect on how this past summer has reflected the Bobcat Goldthwait ... Errrr... John Cusak movie of the same title. Well not exactly. We didn't go to an ideal island getaway with our friend after graduating high school with the hopes of finding ourselves.

And we didn't meet a singer on the run who owned a house which was going into foreclosure so a local rich guy could open another in a chain of lobster restaurants. Still it was a wild and crazy summer.

We started with graduations. Some from high school and still others with college degrees. We saw new assignments at work and new commutes (some of which have created fodder for this repository of crap) and even the birth of this aforementioned repository.

Speaking of births, little Ilana Rose came in to this world and was named along with Rachael Francis. MBB is getting bigger every day and even the MookALooook is coming along.

Some things are gone, like the old car to make way for new things... well like the new car (look for a post in the immediate future on a new hat).

Friends and family have played a very special part of the season too. From camping adventures in the mountains to days and nights at the ballpark and even a baby daddy party thrown in have made for some really fun times. Even connecting with family from ages ago was exciting.

All-in-all it was one crazy summer and I can't wait to do it again. Maybe next year we'll go check out Bobcat when he comes to town.

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