Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mr. Big Time QB and How to Get a Free Berkley Education

First, Oh look at Mr. Big Time QB Mark Brunell (actually Brother Brunell to me and thousands of other LCA's) depositing his game check at the bank. No, really, it's true. someone I work with has a boyfriend who's sister works at the bank in Great Falls, VA where Mark lives and says he comes in every Monday to deposit his paycheck. I guess he doesn't trust the Direct Deposit system. Truth be told (a rarity here on this site) I don't either.

That got me to thinking about what it would look like if other big name athletes came in to deposit their paychecks instead of direct deposit, or handing it off to a business manager or personal assistant. Can you imagine David Wright standing in that long, wrapping line in the bank on a Friday afternoon trying to deposit a check for $300,000 and secretly being disappointed because they didn't have any green lollipops left on the welcome table. Or Lebron James trying find a pen at the forms desk that actually works and then getting up to the counter only to realize he filled out the wrong deposit slip. It makes me chuckle a bit inside...but then again so do pop-rocks.

Now onto the real reason you're reading this entry today: The Free Berkley Education. That's sorta right. UCal-Berkley has begun to post some college course lectures on line at YouTube. The link can be found here. Now while this isn't a real education and I highly doubt you can put it on your resume (much like that cop-out Time person of the year is you crap) it is pretty cool to think that you can sit in on lectures (rather watch them at home...never at work) from the faculty at one of the top institutions of higher learning in the country. \

Now that also leads me to wonder if these folks teaching are really the "A" team of faculty or just the scrub TA's of the west coast. If that's the case thought I'd like to get a position of there (no idea what I'm qualified to teach...maybe blogging) and treat the lectures as an audition tape for my own game or reality show. Sure the students will be a bit pissed that they're not learning anything but think of the hours of free exposure on the web. Priceless. Well Not Exactly.

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David said...

Perhaps you can use your "Berkley Education" to spell "Berkeley" correctly.