Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Open Letter to Yankee Fans and a Cool License Plate Idea

No matter what I write to Yankee fans in regards to the team's utter collapse at the hands of the Cleveland Indians (yep the same ones from Major League fame) several things are inevitable.

1) they will say, "Oh Yeah, well we've won (as if this fan has actually played centerfield for the Yanks) 26 world championships. What have the Mets (or insert any team here) done?"

2) they will say, "Oh Yeah, well how far did the Mets (or other team that didn't advance to the playoffs this year) get?

3) they will say, "It's all A-Rod's fault!"

Here's the things I observed while watching the 4 games of this series:
1) The Indians are a REALLY good and balanced team.
2) The Yankees starting pitching is what we've thought all along, "suspect."
3) Yankee fans are (for the most part) loud mouth spoiled jerks (you didn't need to watch the series to know this).
4) It's not all A-Rods fault. Sure he "only" hit .267 and with only 1 HR/RBI, but at last check there were 8 other bats in the line up that didn't perform all that well. I'll point to "Mr. Clutch" Derek Jeter for instance (3-17 for a .167 avg and 1 RBI) or Jorge "I don't have a good nickname to use in this blog" Posada (2-15, .133 avg and 0 RBI).
5) I'm really interested in the playoffs this year and might actually watch the World Series. There are four really interesting teams left (Indians, Red Sox, Rockies, Diamondbacks) and the remaining series won't play out to a typical script.

OK quickly onto the license plate idea: It's "yeah right". I don't know why I thought of it but evidently it's taken in the state of Virginia. Oh well.


David said...

Here is a license plate for you: "METS SUK"

Stefanie said...

AMEN TO THAT DAVE! The Yankees might have stunk it up this PS...but at least they didn't let all of their fans down by being in 1st place all season and then choking the last 17 games. As I believe one of your players said "We're go good we're getting bored" or come crap like that.

No excuses..the yanks sucked...it happens.

Oh and I am mad at Derek and the engagement is off b/c of his play the past wk!

Sctoo said...
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Sctoo said...

I retracted my previous comment becuase I saw the previous blog on the 7 game collapse by the Mets. I just wanted to say that I love every minute that a NY fan has to endure losing. This winter will be one long one! And you don't have to say anything about the Braves and losing, we are used to it.

elliot said...

Does either the Yankee or Mets collapse matter? Neither was going to win their last meaningful game, and in the post season that's all that matters. And a 17 game collapse by a quasi-good team with a horrible bullpen is nothing next to the 2004 ALCS.