Monday, October 29, 2007

Redskin Fan.....shut up!

This is to "Redskin Fan."

Redskin Fan is not an actual person but rather a composite persona made up of fans who not only live and die with their team but who put all reality aside and don't think their team can ever loose. If you root for the Colts or even the Patriots (hard to say that as a Jets fan) you don't have to shun reality to know that your team (this season anyway) is really good.

Redskin Fan though, doesn't get that their team "ain't so friggin' good." Redskin Fan insists that because they've won a few games this season and they have "future hall of fame" coach Joe Gibbs back that suddenly they should buy their airfare for the SuperBowl.

Eh....maybe Redskin Fan might have thought better before making such proclamations as, "We're going to take New England!" or "They can't stand up to our tough Defense!"

I guess that tough Defense was in their other bags as the Patriots clobbered the Skins 52-7. In fact it wasn't until the Pats put in the 2nd team that the Skins managed their one touchdown...late in the 4th quarter.

So what made Redskin Fan so damn sure that their team was going to beat what some people are viewing as the best team in a long while (they're good I just don't know if they're that good.)? Perhaps it was that the Redskins had a top 10 ranked defense that really hadn't been tested (unless you count the vaunted attack of those Arizona Cardinals and their 79 year old quarterback with the bum elbow), or maybe it was head coach Joe Gibbs and his theory of "Well we're ahead by 3 points with a half of football left to play, let's get real conservative and not try to score again."

Whatever caused Redskin Fan to believe the unbelievable they need to stop. They also need to stop calling sports talk radio stations proclaiming their team's greatness. I root for the New York Jets, and that has taught me a lot about both the good and the bad. This year they stink. I mean really stink, like day old cheese, stuffed in a piece of fish and left on top of the radiator all day. I know that they won't win every game. Heck, I know they won't win most of them. It doesn't mean that I don't pull for them in every game until the end, but I don't call up the radio hosts with the opinion that every other sports writer/commentator in America (and England) is sleeping on them.

What Redskin fan really needs is a 2nd professional football team here in DC. I know Baltimore isn't far away but it's not the same. A second team in town would compete for airtime and could provide a more balanced opinion of either team. But I'm not here to help provide solutions. I'm here to tell Redskin Fan to JUST SHUT UP!

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