Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Teeth Hurt and Spreading the Word

I went to the dentist today, got a cleaning, and now they hurt. The thing about it is that it's not one particular tooth that hurts, but rather that they all hurt. There's nothing much you can do for me but I wanted to share with you.

Also of interest in this dentist's office is the poster in the exam room I was in. He (or somebody on his staff) has thoughtfully placed it on the ceiling in direct view of the chair when tilted back. I like the way he thinks. There is nothing more painful then being poked and prodded with sharp instruments in a Steve Martin kind of way and having to look up at ceiling tiles or even worse, unpainted dry wall.

Last night was Halloween and the Mooks and I were home to hand out candy to the little childrens who came by. Unfortunately they were all with parents so we couldn't drag them in to the house and make them weave rugs in the basement for profit (I kid....if you took that seriously, get out). But I recently read about a tradition that I was unaware of until now. It seems that some of our Christian brothers and sisters who don't like the "Satan worship" portion of the night will not take part. I don't have issue with that because if you want to be a spoil sport then go ahead (and move while you're at it). But what really got me was this blog entry which came up on an unrelated search. Evidently instead of "boycotting" the holiday these folks think it's a good idea to spread the word.

Let me share something with you. Give me candy or prepare to have your house egged! Furthermore, Jesus doesn't love you nor does G-d want you to spread his message by handing out pamphlets to little impressionable children. And if and when I'm lucky enough to bring a child into this world and raise them, if they ever come home with one of these in their bag, I will come to your house, knock on the door, and then go on to list all of the sins you have committed over the past year and recount for you all of the reasons you should be taken up to the roof and thrown off.

That's a little dark but so is the bottom of my empty coffee cup.

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