Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving, ACT 1: The Snippy Cashier at the Wild Flower Bakery

Tuesday. Our trip starts off in the dark, pre-dawn hours of 6am as we loaded up the car and pushed off from Maryland. 6:09am ET was the actual time, but like the airlines, we are "on-time" as long as we have the passengers (wife and dog) out of the gate (front door) by the stated departure time.

We decided not to risk the I-95 corridor on this trip and took the "back roads" of I-66, I-81, I-40 and, I-75 on in to Marietta. The traffic was light, the weather was steady and we made good time, stopping in Manassas and Abingdon, VA for gas (The E was pushing about 27 mpg which is just above it's 26mpg rating).

During the stop at Abingdon, we had lunch at the Subway at the gas station but upon exiting noticed that there was a charming little bakery/cafe across the street, just before the highway on-ramp. We decided to tickle our sweet tooths and stopped in. There selection was small but fresh and we picked out a turkey-shaped cookie with some really yummy icing. Being a small place they only took cash but I didn't have any on me so the wife had to go back to the car and get her wallet. While she was out, I was making small talk with the cashier (I think she was also the owner) who was nice enough. The wife came back in and paid ($1.05 w/tax) and when I asked the cashier if they were open on Sunday because we were going to be back through town she said "No. We're CLOSED on Sundays!"

If it were really busy and we were holding up a huge line waiting to pay then I might understand. Or if she had a large dog gnaughing at her ankle, I might understand. But here I was just being nice and saying that I'd like to give you more business and she bites my head off. Well needless to say I bit the cookie's head off instead and vowed never to go back. As it turns out the cookie was really good so I might have to lift that life time ban on my business if I ever pass through again (not on a Sunday though!)

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