Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things Not to Do When A Motorcade Passes By

Among those is don't give the Motorcade the finger. You know the one. Its between the ring and index fingers. Evidently, El Presidente has instructed his jack booted thugs (Secret Service) that nobody is to criticize him while standing in the rain on their way to work because his motorcade is going by.


Maybe it was the fact that on top of the aforementioned finger your hero was also giving the officer a hard time because he wouldn't let anybody cross the street (in the same direction as the 'cade).

Well whatever curled up his butt and died that morning he decided that yours truly was being a bit unruly and should be momentarily detained and questioned. After several requests for an id, I asked if I was under arrest but they said no. They simply wanted to know why I was giving them a hard time. I explained that it was raining and I wanted to get to my office. Crossing with the traffic blocked would not impede the motorcade. The officer said what happens if they wanted to turn of the main street they were on and I were in the way. I told him that by chance if the motorcade wanted to turn the WRONG way on a ONE way street which had all four lanes of traffic filled and was blocked by a squad car, then yes, I could see that as a problem. Then he told me that if he answered questions from everybody who asked them then they could potentially miss a terrorist dropping off a bag and then kablewie! It took every ounce of strength to refrain from saying, "well yes but what about now when 3 of your officers are standing around questioning me. What happens now when somebody drops of the bag. Clearly if you let me on my way and just ignored me you'd probably be more efficient in looking out for the 'evil-doers'."

It got me wondering if what would have happened had I thrown some eggs at the motorcade. I see it going like this. I get arrested for making an attempt on the President's life and go to trial (by way of Guantanamo Bay). I think that the trial would be really fun though. How does the government present the case (with a straight face) that the President's life was in danger because somebody threw eggs at his motorcade? In danger of being scrambled maybe but no real danger. Can I get some legal advise out there?

End result, no arrest, no ticket, just inconvenience for all involved. Oh yeah, and I spilled my coffee when I got to the office.

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David said...

I'd leave a comment, but I don't want to be included in your FBI file.