Monday, November 12, 2007

Things That Make You Go "hummmm"

That is besides the career of the great C&C Music Factory.

The first is a comment I received the other day from "Anonymous" on my thoughts involving Chinese food freshness. This reader thought so much of the entry that they had to respond and share their thoughts.
"fvck u"
I always welcome your comment as readers and I never erase any comments and will continue that stance here. This idiot's comment will stand for the whole world to read. Yes, not only is he a dope, but he can't spell either (I know I have several spelling errors on the site but at least I try to go back and correct them and I've never spelled an F-bomb incorrectly!) So kudos to you my friend and I hope all your Chinese leftovers go bad!

The second item on my agenda today is sleeping in on weekends and holidays and how things change as we get older and more responsibilities pile up. Have you ever noticed that when we were younger (especially in and around the collegiate years) you could sleep in on a weekend until 10am, 11am, or even 12 noon with not a care in the world? Now as you age you're getting up earlier and earlier with errands to run, places to be, etc? This morning, while not a day off (I worked from home), I got to sleep in well past my usual alarm time of 530am but even so I was up every 10 minutes worrying that I was going to over sleep. What's that about? I would love to have a morning where I just sleep in and in and in. Maybe I'll get up at 12noon or even 1pm on a Sunday, just in time for the football games. Oh what the hell, maybe I'll just sleep the entire day away and have breakfast for dinner. Yep, that's the ticket.


Stefanie said...

I slept til 10:30 today! Oh wait...I'm pretty much unemployed so I can do that. :)

davighd said...

What time do homeless people sleep to? Do they wake up every ten minutes hoping not to oversleep? Just askin, these are the things that can keep Rosie off the air.