Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What is it about Republicans and Christianity?

Why does it always seem that members of the GOP feel the need to remind their constituents that Christianity is a major religion and many times impose the weight of the US Government in "endorsing" it? America is still without an "official religion" right? Just checking. I mean after reading this tidbit in today's Des Moins Register:
Rep. Steve King’s, R-Iowa, Christmas resolution — “recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith” — boasted 58 co-sponsors, and was set for a voice vote shortly afterward. But a roll call vote was demanded, which postponed the vote until the evening.
Why does Representative King feel the need to waist the people's time and money (he is one of those previously mentioned tax-payer financed salary drawers) with this dribble? Was he not sure that the entire free world is Christian (except for 1/2 who are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Pastafarian, and others)? Was he confused because his local Walmart had up Christmas decorations a few days before LABOR DAY? Or is it just that he's a giant sack of dog vomit? My money is on the later.

There were 9 "no" votes on the floor of the House last night (Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY), Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY), Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO), Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) (FL), Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA), Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA), Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA), and Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA).). My hats off to these Congressmen/Women (some of whom are Jewish...imagine that...there are people who aren't Christian!!!). They stood up for the American value of Freedom of Religion and not "An attack on Christianity" as Rep Dog Vomit (I mean King) said in a release on his website this morning.

So once again I ask you my loyal readers to get off your ass and write the Congressman as well as your own and tell him exactly what you think of him and his "Christian American Values".

Now with that out of the way this might shock you. I am 100% in agreement with Ralph Reed. For those of you who don't remember, Mr. Reed was the head of the "Christian Coalition" and an ever present advocate of those same "Christian Values" in Washington, DC for many years. But now he is quoted as saying in today's DC Examiner:

Ralph Reed: Religion questions are getting invasive

December 12, 3:47 AM
Guess Ralph Reed isn’t a fan of all the attention being given to Mitt Romney’s religion lately. The former head of the Christian Coalition recently had this to say to Religious News Service: “We have been conducting doctrinal frisks and theological GI-tract exams of our candidates and we have to remember that these candidates are not running for president of the seminary and they’re not running for pastor in chief. They’re running to be commander in chief at a time of global war on terrorism.”
Kudos to Mr. Reed for (unintentionally ??) pointing out that all this crap about the candidates' faith needs to stop. I don't care if Romney is Mormon. If he's the best candidate, then I'll vote for him (not going to happen). Or if Obama was Muslim and was the best candidate I'd vote for him. Hell I'd even vote for Clinton if I thought she was the best (and she's friggin Satan) but I just don't care about the candidate's religion and if you do and it affects your decision making process then you don't deserve to vote. If Congress had any guts they would ban any political campaigning in places of worship or any (even implied) influence of religious figures in their constituency's voting. The punishment for conviction would be loss of their tax exempt status or just death.

As somebody once said to a Christian protester outside of a movie, "If this geek is getting into Heaven, then I'll hang out in hell!"

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