Monday, January 7, 2008

Another Employer That Just Doesn't Get It

Yet another idiot has invited me to the party and I wanted to share. Below is an e-mail from a recruiter from The Harris Corporation, "inviting" me to apply for a position that they feel I'm a very good fit for. It's for a Software Engineer. As you all know, not only am I an amazing Software Engineer but I also wrote the code for Google, Windows, and Xbox Live. For those of you who know me, you are aware that I know nothing about software engineering, nor am I qualified/interested in such a position.

Here is the initial e-mail:
Subject: Darryl, Technology/Science employment opportunity
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 14:02:05 -0500

Dear Darryl,

In a recent review of online resumes, I was impressed by your qualifications and background. One of our clients, the Harris Corporation, needs to hire a Software Engineer. I think you may be a solid candidate and would like to invite you to apply.

The Harris Corporation is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. Harris is dedicated to developing best-in-class assured communications products, systems, and services for global markets, including government, RF, and broadcast communications, and wireless transmission network solutions.

Employees of the Harris Corporation have the freedom to explore new ideas and work with cutting-edge technology. Harris offers very competitive wages and a comprehensive benefits package to all of their employees.

To access an online application for the Harris Corporation Software Engineer position, please click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser.

[LINK REMOVED...I don't trust you people!]

After you submit your application, you can expect to be contacted within one to two business days. We're looking forward to speaking with you soon!

David Chapman
Sr. Recruiter, HR Division
And here is my response:

Mr. Chapman,

Thank you for your consideration but you are so far off the radar that this is obviously a form letter sent to thousands of e-mail address that you or somebody in your organization "mined" off a job-based website. If you REALLY reviewed my resume you would know that not only am I not interested in a job as a software engineer, but I am not even qualified to hold such a position.

Is it the Harris Corporation's policy to blindly solicit applicants for their open positions regardless of qualifications or even interest? If that's the case then I am clearly concerned about the quality and ability of those who are applying for your jobs and subsequently those that you fill the open positions with.

Harris has long been a large company with many sectors, including those with Federal Government contracts. Do you solicit this way for those positions too? Do your government COTRs know that? Similarly, do the job sites where you seem to gather these resumes from know that you are "mining" their sites for information? My thought is that they do not and that you don't share this information with them.

In closing, I am no interested in your Software Engineer applications and I will strongly encourage anybody I know to similarly turn down a similar offering with Harris, even if they are qualified and potentially interested. I strongly encourage you to reassess your email recruitment policies to avoid this kind of communication in the future.

Do you think I was too harsh? Me neither. If this e-mail address works for him I will let you know and ask you to also send him a nice note.


Stefanie said...

I get stupid emails like this too! People are friggin idiots, they want me to "apply" for positions I have no background in. DUMBASSES!

Will said...

Yep I get the same emails. Luckily my internet provider filters out most of them. My question is this, are they legit or is this some sort of scam to get your personal info? I am in the web design/programming field so I guess I "sorta" fit into the category they sent me an email about but I am hardly a Software Engineer. In any case I refuse to answer form letters... Why they waste time and resources sending them is beyond me.

Adam-Zad said...

It's a scam. The site is run by convicted criminal Alec Defrawy, also known as Ayman Ahmed El-Difrawi, Michael El-Difrawi, Alec Difrawi, Alec Defrawy, Alec Defrawi, Alex Defrawy, Michael Defrawy, David Mellon, Michael Jenson, Michael Chandler, and Alex Simon.

He and his partner are responsible for quite a few of these types of sites. For a full rundown, see:

Anonymous said...

These dumbass even sent me text message. Is that prohibited by law?

I never saw a recruiter used email to send txt message. It must be a scam.

Anonymous said...

I just got the same form letter for another job that is almost as far fetched considering my resume. I was looking for "David Chapman's" email address because he sends his junk from a no reply address. My research leads me to believe that it is possible there is no "David Chapman". Google this name and you will get quite the chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to those who responded about this. When I receive these kind of emails I always do research to make sure it isn't a scam. Anyways, after trying to find the company on the internet, I decided to try David Chapman's name and I fond this website first. It was very helpful and confirmed my gut feeling that this wasn't for real. (Even though I really am qualified for the job I received the email about.)

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

My goodness! There are some typo and grammatical errors in that e-mail, which is another sign of a scam! To most job seekers, those things mean that the company or individual isn't real at all.

Ms. said...

This company that runs thousands of scams is listed under several alias names. I know because (with regret) I use to work for the company who claimed to be so many thing including ligit, which is the biggest lie they ever told me! To learn more about Alec Defrawi, Terri Bears, Michael Bavaro and the company they now run... visit ..... these are the people that put up job ads all over the U.S. for a position that either doesn't exist or does in just one location ..that is being advertised as nation wide ... they do this for education leads so when your ... applying for a job in hopes that it might be real and you see an add saying would you like to " further your education" or see this on the application you can bet this is probably a fake job and you shouldn't waste your time making this company any more money by clicking yes to the education! Though education is a great idea clicking this information request will not help you get the job! your chances of getting a call back are 0 unless it's a call screening you for the position ... but don't be fooled this is another clever way to get you to "further your education" and again will not help you get the job.. sorry to all you job seekers... this might be a reason for the great unemployment rate ... and the worst recession since the 1930's ... so thank you Alec for putting" making your money" above the best interest of the UNITED STATES ... as a current job seeker I would like to say fuck you!