Friday, January 4, 2008

I Have to Say That for How Long?

“Happy New Year”

How long do we really have to say that? It goes without much explanation that the first time we see certain people after January 1 this serves as an appropriate greeting (or salutation), but beyond a few weeks how much longer do we have to say it? Do we have to greet each person we meet in the new year with, “Yeah I know its April 23rd but Happy New Year Bob”?

I’ve saved you some time and done some research into the matter. The best answers I can come up with are from a similar question asked in a forum on The answers range from “yesterday” to “December 31, [of the year we’ve just entered].” My favorite (and the one I think I’m going to adopt) is February 24th (the 2008 date for the Chinese New Year.

So for those of you who I don’t see until February 25, 2008 or later, don’t expect a Happy New Year from me (except for the “chosen folks” who will get a La Shana Tova in September).

But I want to hear from YOU. See the poll on the right of the page and let me know what you think. I will post the results on January 8th.

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Beth said...

The date of the 2008 Chinese New Year is actually February 7.