Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Reason Not to Wear Headphones When Running/Biking/Scuba Diving and How does ION stay on the air?

For those of you who don’t know (and based on telling this story to my running team on Saturday, most of you in this group), Mike Wise, a sports columnist at the Washington Post.

Last week he was out in the evening (after dark) running a few miles with his dog on a DC trail that runs along the C&O Canal. After going about 3 miles he stops to stretch and the dog (who is off leash) paces around him. After a minute or so the dog wanders off on to the frozen over canal to sniff something and falls through the ice. Wise (who is about 6’4”) slides down the embankment and onto the ice to try to rescue the dog and also falls in. He can’t get himself out and would have frozen to death in just over 6’ of water had it not been for a lone runner out on the trail who heard his plea for help. Jason Cotes just happened to be running by the trail at that moment and came to Wise’s rescue (and the dog too). You can read all the details here at WJLA’s report, but the long story short, had Cotes been like many runners out on the trail and listening to headphones/ipod/etc he would not have heard Wise and that evening would have turned tragic. I ask all of you who go out side to run/bike/roller blade/whatever DO NOT WEAR HEADPHONES….you may just put yourself or others in danger.

Second item today: How does ION network stay on the air? Yes, I too was unaware of ION network until recently. I subscribe to a number of media industry newsletters and saw in one of them that this is the “prime time” line up tonight:

8pm: Mama's Family
830pm: Mama's Family
9pm: Drew Carey Show
930pm: Drew Carey Show
10pm: Who's the Boss?
1030pm: Who's the Boss?

No offense to Valerie Harper, Drew Carey, or Tony Danza, but these are not names that can carry a network in primetime in 2008. Twenty years ago possibly but not now. The one notable exception is ”Mama’s Family” which was never funny, unless you live in the middle of Ohio or Indiana and perhaps know somebody who looks and sounds like a loud mouth New York Jew but who happens to be trapped in the body of a 70 year old Midwestern protestant house wife. Oh and for a “family-friendly programming” network, I don’t think bringing “Baywatch” on the schedule in March is the best move. Unless they plan on blurring out Pam’s boobies.

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Jason said...

Aren't you a "a loud mouth New York Jew but who happens to be trapped in the body of a 70 year old Midwestern protestant house wife"