Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thanks Indiana and Shut Up Patriot Fan

Thanks that is for bringing (or rather electing) Dan Burton (R) congressman. Rep Burton, during the congressional hearings for the ‘roid-rage Rocket actually had one of the two best comments of the day, “What happens if your lies are proven untrue?” Uh, Congressman, that’s why it’s called a lie.

And a special runner up comment goes to Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) who saw fit to inquire "what uniform you will wear to the Hall of Fame?"

As Dana Milbanks of the Washington Post properly concluded, “The world might look very different today if Congress had spent as much energy probing Iraq for weapons of mass destruction as it did yesterday examining Roger Clemens's derrière.”

If we didn’t think Congress made way too much money doing way too little work, this is the proof. Oh and thanks to the GOP for lying down and being Clemens doormat. When exactly did the memo go out that said, “Hey guys, lets be nice to Clemens, Bush Sr. says he’s ‘a good guy’”?

Also from a few days ago this article on Patriot Fan who still can’t accept that his team couldn’t get the job done. They want the NFL to replay the last 1:41 of the SuperBowl because they don’t understand that when the refs call for a measurement that clock stops. You can find the NFL rulebook here. Please print it out and save it for future idiotic arguments.

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