Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Pants are too Big

Yep back to complaining. My pants are too big. Mrs. Blogger noticed them too and insisted we go over to the local (what passes for a department store these days) Kohls to take part in one of their sale every day of the year sales.

No I have no intrinsic bone to pick with either the quality or prices at that store nor with the selection of merchandise. I don’t really even have a problem with Herb Kohl, senator from Wisconsin and founder of the chain.

It’s deeper than that. Bloggerman just doesn’t like to spend money. Unfortunately I also don’t like it when my pants keep falling even when wearing a belt. All of this weight loss has forced me to drastic measures…buying clothes.

I purchased 4 pair of slacks (why are slacks and pants in pairs…you can’t just buy a single pant leg??), with a smaller waist than when I went into this thing and a few dress shirts (also smaller). I like the way they all look and fit, and they were all on sale. One of the shirts was on the clearance rack and only rang up at $7.80! But it’s driving me crazy that I have to buy new clothes.

While in the store yesterday evening, I even mentioned to my darling wife that had I not gone on the diet and dropped at least one pant size, but rather ate more and expanded up one pant size there were great looking slacks on the clearance rack and I could have saved even more.

Remind me to have a word or two with that Herb Kohl guy the next time I’m roaming the halls of the Capitol (or at one of Mrs. Blogger’s “events”).

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