Thursday, March 6, 2008

To Ski or Not to Ski: Part IV

Last and final day up on the mountain, only I never actually went up. I returned the skis on Saturday and mentioned that GG had come up with a great idea on how to spend the day before heading back to Boston for dinner at night. Some guys already decided they were heading down in the morning to tour Beantown and a few guys BB, MS, SB decided they were going to get an extra 1/2 day up on the slopes. GG said he booked us for massages at the spa....ah...great call.

We started with a nice big breakfast at Johnny Boys and special thanks to the waitress for suggesting the corned beef hash...very, very good! Then it was off to the spa for a great hour long Swedish rub down and then an hour or so of hot tub and Sauna time before showering off and heading back to pack.

The drive down to Boston was a bit longer then the ride back but it was worth the stop in Woodstock for a great lunch of flatbread covered in apples, maple syrup (fresh), walnuts, and cheddar cheese. It needed a little something so I drizzled some fresh honey-mustard sauce on it. To make it a "perfect" meal, I washed it down with a glass of hot cider. Nice.

We made it into the city about 8 and promptly had problems at the hotel. The other guys who came in early took 2 of the 3 rooms but when MS went to get his room, there was no reservation. He checked and checked and it turns out that a small (unintentional) mouse click booked a room at the "other" Marriott down the street. He quickly got on the phone/computer and corrected it. Special thanks to MS and BB for the hotel rooms in Boston. We headed out at 9pm for dinner in the North End at a great little Italian place where BB knew the owner through his uncle. They put on a great show for us with large glasses of wine and two huge antipasto plates. As we staggered out after a few hours of solid eating and drinking the decision was made to go to Mike's for cannolis. For those of you who have never had a "real" cannoli, Mike's is the equivalent of sitting in the front row for your first baseball game. For some of the guys it was a real treat. For me it was pure heaven.

Ah one last piece of the puzzle....the pictures from the weekend. I have kept the incriminating stuff out and most of these were taken on my camera so quality is not the best but here you go:
Guys up on the slopes
BloggerMan in the gondola lift

We killed Frosty the Snowman
Over 14ft of snow outside of the bar!

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