Friday, April 25, 2008

Passover Re-cap '08

I feel the need to say “Thank G-d they are gone.” It’s not really the fact that all our weekend guests have gone home because we really do love them and love spending time with them. It more points to the fact that we finally have our house back and don’t have tons of dishes to wash and may even be able to get to cleaning the fridge. Or at least what spilled back there during the course of the weekend.

The two little ladies were as cute as ever. Illana rolled out her Mets outfit…she had to wear it to school in Atlanta…bunch of Braves posers, and little miss Mooks in her Kip-paw.

We even got the planter boxes built and plans and pictures will be up by Monday. They came out very nice and the only thing I think I’m going to add is a “dummy floor” to each of them about a foot up (they are 2 feet deep now) so that we don’t need to use so much dirt.

The food was delicious and special thanks to all the cooks that contributed dishes but an extra special thanks to Mrs. Bloggerman for such great …well everything

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