Monday, May 12, 2008

Rain Out?

Don’t worry…I’m ok…for now.

The cold medicine has kicked in and peering through the fog that is my head I can see clear enough to send recount yet another story of somebody who has so little common sense that it’s a crime NOT to drag them out, shoot them, and then grind up their bodies for use as chicken feed.

So here I am sitting at my desk just trying to get a little work done today when I get a call regarding a training class that is being offered later this week. The class (like all our courses) is being offered in a conference room in a building. The key word here is “in” as in “inside.” This becomes key because her next comment was “Will it be rained out?”

Now maybe I’m a bit naive here, perhaps there are cultures that hold classes outside or whose roofs are thatched and rain can occasionally get in and disrupt a training session. It gets pretty messy in there with the mud floors and the stone tablets and the like.

However for the benefit of our caller today, our classes are held in a building with a solid roof and are usually held a few floors below that roof so, NO we are generally not in fear of being “rained out.” Just in case though, I’ll bring some extra buckets and oars if you bring the galoshes!

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