Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Food, Food, Food (and some of it to eat!)

My Sister-In-Law (SIL) did it again! She and a co-worker were in town for a conference and her sister (Mrs. Bloggerman) and I met the duo downtown for dinner on Monday night. Now you have to understand that the SIL has a notorious track record for attracting the worst food service wherever she goes (Her husband, My Evil Twin Skippy Says, had no immediate comment about dinners at home). Every time I go out with her, I say “this time will be different”; alas once again I’m painted wrong.

First the appetizer came out cold in the middle, and then the salad didn’t show. All of the sudden, three servers (not one of them was ours though) came with our entrees, and the missing salad. We had to call the manager over to explain to him that the salad typically comes BEFORE the meal arrives. He was nice however and apologized for the service and began to take the salad back. Just as he was leaving the table, my wife noticed that while the other three dishes were steaming-hot, yet her’s was just warm. The manager again apologized, took her plate back and left the salad.

Not a moment after he left we all took a breath and I cut into my calzone to find a pinkish-white meat oozing out. This would be ham. Bloggerman doesn’t eat ham. Bloggerman ordered the calzone without ham and the waitress said “no problem at all.” Over comes the manager again to apologize and bring me something else.

While the food was good, the service was piss poor. It was saved however by the manager who really came through when the check was brought over. We were comped for 1 appetizer, 1 soda, 1, salad, 2 glasses of wine, and 2 entrees. That’s an over $40 value...but call now because operators are standing by!

Speaking of food...the Mooks is getting picky and not eating her top notch grub. At least we thought we were feeding her top notch grub. When we adopted her, the foundation said that Eukenuba was really high-end stuff and the price for a 40lb bag, $45, seemed to justify it. Well that was until Mrs. Bloggerman came across The site rates dog food on a star rating scale between 1 and 6. We all know that Alpo and Kibble and Bits are roughly the equivalent of licking the floor of a gas station restroom but I had no idea that some of the “organic” and “natural” brands out there contained items like grains (should not be a large part, if any, of a dog’s diet) or things that even sound good, like beet pulp, that turn out to be a possible carcinogen (cancer cause). So now we are going top-shelf and bought her a small (5lb bag at $15) of the good 6* Wilderness food. No grains, all natural, and just like her, a picture of a husky on the box!

Last part of today’s food post is the deal over at Starbucks. Through September, they are offering a special deal whereby if you get anything in the morning and then present that receipt to a store in the afternoon (after 2pm), you can get the iced coffee drink of your choice in a grande size for just $2. Yet another way to get you addicted to overpriced caffeine and conform to the masses. Go You!

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Stefanie said...

While reading your post I was trying to think back about a time I ate a meal with your SIL where we had good service.....I'm still thinking......