Friday, September 19, 2008

ARGH....Me Ship Has Gone to the Dogs

Ok I don’t own a ship....we all know that. But today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day so I feel that we at least owe it some pub.

But speaking of dogs I want to share two items for you:

1) a cute cartoon I came across today.

2) Some advice from Miss Manners:
Dear Miss Manners:

I raise guide dogs and I love it. We talk to the public and educate many on the kind of work the dogs do.

While I love talking to people about our precious puppies, I do not know how to respond when someone comes up in a high-pitched voice and says -- no, squeals -- "Oh my gosh, what a cute puppy. How old are you? What's your name?"

While I realize the sight of a dog is quite rare, I mean, so few people ever get to see one, how should I respond?

I usually just say, "Oh, this is Fido and he is 10 months old," but I would really like to let them know that they are quite possibly the most irritating people on the face of the planet. Should I say something sarcastic like "Oh, sorry, I haven't taught him to speak English yet"? Any help would be appreciated.

Dear [Writer] Some crucial advice:

Do not have a baby. Do not ever even be seen with anyone else's baby. People talk baby talk to babies. No doubt this is because they have never seen one before.

Or possibly it is just that many people go all soft when they see a creature that is young and cute. Miss Manners considers that nature's way of protecting life before it is toilet-trained.

So please do not snarl at your puppies' admirers. In addition to being rude, it sets them a bad example.

If you get tired of answering for them, she will allow you to say (if you can keep the sarcasm out of your voice), "Fido! The lady asked you a question!"

3) another cute picture of the Mooks:

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