Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Papers At The Ballpark and I'll Do the Other Two Parts Next Year

I guess the first part should be last and the last part first. So let's start with

Elliot kicking ass at the National Triathlon yesterday in DC. He swam the Potomac (which in and of itself deserves a medal), rode the Clara Barton (avoiding the deer carcasses) and ran the streets of DC (finding the cozy confines of the Haines Point restrooms along the way) all in under 3:30! We here at Nobody Likes a Jerk are all proud of this milestone and wish him congratulations!

During that whole journey he never had to buy a copy of The Washington Post and that's a good thing considering the change needed for a Sunday edition would really weigh him down! But here at Nationals Park as I sit here after BP but before game time pondering why there are no less the 10 paper-boxes throughout the park each costing 25 cents for the weekday paper. Its not that a quarter is too much to spend for hours of reading and entertainment, but rather I wonder why a) you would need hours of entertainment when you've come to watch a baseball game and b) if the games start at 700pm (or near that time) why the Post would still charge you to read news that is almost 24 hours old. The mind wobbles and the newsprint smudges your fingers.
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Now where is my Jumble?!?!

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