Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Team Stinks, Raise the Prices and Stop that “Bell” Hop

Oh Ne-Ne they say. “They” can be the fans or possibly the ticket scalpers who are getting wallet raped because nobody wants to go out and see a team compete for last place in the division, even with the new ballpark. However in this case, “They” are the owners of your Washington Nationals Professional Baseball Club. And “They” have said to the fans that not only are we going to raise ticket prices next year but we are in fact going to drop them.

Yep, that’s right....a professional sports team is going to drop the price to attend their games. I’s a shocker. What’s next, lowering the price of beer to within $10 of the suggested retail price? Let’s not go overboard, but this is good news, especially for those of us who go to a few games a year. Here’s the full rundown from the Washington Post.

Now on to the recently departed Tatem “Wait Those Aren’t My Bags” Bell. Mr. Bell was recently dismissed as a running back from the Detroit Lions Professional Football Team. He was being replaced by Rudi Johnson, a free agent recently cut by Cincinnati. Well Johnson’s bags got to the locker room in Detroit before Bell left, and being the concerned citizen he is, Bell picked them up and walked off with them. The theft was caught on security cameras and Johnson was alerted. Bell was called and the bags showed up the next day emptied of Rudi’s underwear, credit cards, driver’s license and $200 in cash. Bell has a story about how he didn’t know the bags were Johnson’s and thought they belonged to a friend and claims he doesn’t know how they got emptied but you can read the whole story here in the Detroit Free Press. What I what to know is, why was there a security camera in the locker room? Who’s watching this footage and why? Is there an all female or an all gay-male security staff? Even so, most of these guys are like 350 lbs and not all of it is muscle if you know what I mean.

I think I need to go throw up now...excuse me.

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