Monday, October 13, 2008

One Down-One to Go, Birthday Wishes, and Voice Mail Options

On Saturday Bloggeman hit the starting line in Downtown Baltimore and then proceeded to run an amazing half marathon in record pace (1:53). Unfortunately I had signed up to run the ENTIRE marathon and once again had considerable trouble running in Baltimore. For the past two years I’ve taken on this race and for the past two years when I hit Mile marker 19 my back seizes up and I need to walk for a little bit until it loosens up. This year I vowed that would not be the case. And mind over matter I didn’t have to stop and walk at 19. I did, however, stop at 17 (using a bathroom in a very nice...err...seedy barber shop in eastern Baltimore) walk a little and then ran to just past 19 when I stopped, called Mrs. Bloggerman. I called again just after Mile 21 and then had an epiphany. Well actually it was just a football pass (nice kid) but it made me get off my duff and with the thought that if I could throw a football I had enough energy to finish running this #$%#$%# race. Off I went and finished in 4 hours and 17 minutes, a time that is not quite what I expected, but still my third fastest Marathon time ever and my fastest time recorded at this race by almost 20 minutes. I get to “rest” for two weeks and then I’m back on the course at the Marine Corps Marathon on October 26. We’ll see how it goes.

Saturday was not all about Bloggerman (although a rarity, it happened) because little Lilah Rose had her third-first birthday party with all her friends and their parents. The food was delicious as was the cake and if you head on over to Mighty Baby Boig you can read all about it. Happy Birthday Lilah! Happy Birthday to Ya! (sounds just like Michael)

And finally I also want to wish a Happy Birthday to Grandma Ellie, Stacey, and to Lloyd. It’s the last one there that got me thinking about the voicemail lady. You know the one who tells you how to leave a message on somebody’s voicemail after you’ve called and heard their customized greeting. She says “please begin after the beep, but if you’d like to page this person press 5” or something like that. How did she get that gig? Also was it a flat payment or does she collect royalties for all her work...even if it is a fraction of a cent, she’d still be a millionaire each year over again. do I get work like that??

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