Friday, November 21, 2008

How to Say F-off in Arabic and Some Time Off

Add this to the “must have products of 2008 (and beyond)” It’s called Professor Crass International Cursing 101. Essentially you can learn the best cuss words and phrases in a number of different languages. This is 10x cooler then those lame ass Rosetta Stone CD’s. This is from their webpage:
Have you ever gotten really bad service at the dry cleaners and thought, I wish I could curse this woman out in Mandarin? Have you ever been short changed at the corner store and thought, I wish I knew Punjabi and could let this guy have it? Well, class is in session. Professor Crass will teach you how to curse in multiple languages. Professor Crass will not only teach the common curse words but also the ones that are actually used in other countries. This CD will teach you how to curse in 12 languages. Professor Crass will ensure that when you want to curse someone out in a different language, it's going to hurt.

How cool is that???. I, Bloggerman, Command you go to their website and buy this immediately. I will not take NO for an answer (but if you tell me how to perform fellatio on myself in Hindu then we’ll talk)!!

Also I want to let you know that NBLAJ will be on Hiatus until Monday, December 1 (at the earliest) as the Blogerman family will be observing Turkey-Day in the best possible way. We’ll be renting an RV and camping out all week in the parking lot at Wal-Mart (hey 2 consecutive posts where I said the “W” word) waiting for the Black-Friday sale to start.

Happy Consumption of Mass Quantities to You and Yours!


Anonymous said...

this is a great piece. I really love your work. You are really cool!

N & G said...

We love your new layout!!! Hope all is going well and you had a great time in the RV. Hope you got some great deals and didn't run over anyone in the process. That's so sad. Alright, enough of that. Hope the sailing went great too. Thanks for the gift. I have already thanked bloggerwoman as well. Talk soon!!!