Monday, November 3, 2008

Yep, Our Mayor’s a Dog

And the voters in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky have the opportunity to elect another Dog when voting closes tomorrow. No, I’m not talking about a dog in terms of a dreg of humanity but rather in terms of a bastion of canine-aity (or fealine-aity or jackass-ery if you will).

In news that I couldn’t possibly ever dream of, reality is truly stranger then fiction in this small western Kentucky town were the mayor has been for the past several years. And while it is unique to be an elected politician with four legs, they method for voting is even more unique (or in line with the new American system depending on how you look at it) because you can vote as often as you’d like as long as you pay $1 per vote. In this system it’s true that the candidate with the strongest financial backing will win every time.

Quite obviously the job is ceremonial (then again so is the Governor of Texas and someone that held that post went on to ruin our country from the seat of the White House), but it’s also quite dangerous. Two “mayors” have died while in office. Poor “Goofy” and “Junior”, they were such good examples of civic pride.

I encourage the fine readers of this space to do three things between now and the closing of your local polls tomorrow:

1) Go and VOTE....seriously...if you’re registered there is no excuse. If you don’t vote you don’t get to complain. (YES, I will be voting)

2) Follow this link to vote for you’re favorite mayoral candidate of Rabbit Hash. My vote has gone for “Higgins.” Sure he’s a jackass but he’s my kind of jackass!

3) Watch this trailer on the movie all about Rabbit Hash’s crazy campaigns.


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