Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1300 Miles, 1 Dog, and a Giant Peach

Back from the “South”. You know that area where everything is backwards and uncivilized....well actually that’s not true but there were a few redneck sightings. Mrs. Bloggerman and I (plus the pup) drove 1300+ miles round trip and just got back in. The trip was fine and it was very nice to see family and friends but that’s not the most important news of the trip.

Bloggerman himself saw the “Gaffney Peach”. Yes, I know you are thrilled for me. don’t know what the peach is all about? According to our friends at
The Peachoid (known locally as The Peach) was commissioned to be built in 1980-81 by the Gaffney, SC Board of Public Works, and contractors took five months to design and mold the steel. It's rumored that in the early '90's, civic authorities ordered the Peachoid water tower repainted so it would look less like a big butt -- reducing rubbernecking fatalities on nearby I-85. It may be safer today, but from the right angle, the one-million gallon watersphere STILL looks like a bright orange butt. A seven ton, 60-feet long leaf was applied to one side. A local artist painted the sphere after studying local peaches for many hours. It took fifty gallons of paint in twenty colors. According to official literature, the Peachoid boldly "sets the record straight about which state is the biggest peach producer in the South. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT Georgia."

As you can see by the picture it was truly a thrilling moment in my life that ranks just below my wedding but just above my first big boy bed in “The Important Moments of My Life” list.

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debby said...

we have a new found respect for you :) this peach or the giant "butt" as we call it is a fav and landmark to us...glad you found as much joy in seeing it as we do!!! thanks for all the history had no clue! it was great to see you guys.