Friday, December 5, 2008

Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair-So I Can Tackle You

There is no way that I really saw that. I couldn’t have. It must have been a wig or an optical illusion or just some dirt on my TV. But perhaps, could I really have seen it? Well you watch the video and tell me:

Evidently I was right, there is a dreadlock on the turf in Piscattaway, NJ at the site of Rutgers’ 63-14 win over Louisville last night. The lock of hair belongs too Jourdan Brooks (locally of Germantown, MD!) after he was tackled after a 60 yard run down the right sideline.

Um...Mr. Brooks...I have two questions. 1) OUCH...didn’t that hurt? (it looks like you dragged the tackler...who also has dreads...for at least 5 yards before going down) and 2) Are you now considering seeing Giuseppe Franco for a new Garry Busey-esque hairstyle?

If you would like to come down and see me when you come home, I have an electric razor with one of those “trimmer” attachments on the back... I can take care of you with that, a scissor, and a razor. We’ll get you all set and shinny before you can say “scat-back”.

On the topic of videos that you must see...I also found this jewel on YouTube. Something about dancing elves and the Aqua Teen Hunger Force....Number 1 in the Hood G!


Beth said...

WOW - - Mooks and I have got some moves!

Stefanie said...

I was thinking the same thing!