Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smart Cars, Obama Mania, and Interview Questions

I really love the idea of the Smart Car. You know these are the 4-wheelers that look roughly like a combination of a clown car from the circus and the result of a large, old Cadillac that has run in to the back of a parked semi-truck. Besides being affordable and fuel efficient they are a great car for getting around a crowded city and specifically parking in the dense downtown areas of your local metropolis. Although I now see a “challenge” that has previously gone unnoticed or kept under wraps (possibly in part to the efforts of the “Stone Cutters”) It seems that while the driver of the Smartcar has no problem fitting into tight spaces, drivers of normal size cars feel that they loose out when they pull into a spot either in front of or behind the Smartcar. In other words, two Smartcars may fit into a single parallel spot. If only one is in there and centered between the car in front and behind it, a driver of a normal size car is upset because it feels like wasted space. Yes I know this is very petty but that’s me in a nutshell so deal with it.

I got caught up in Obama Mania this morning and I’m a little concerned about it. Today while walking into work a motorcade past me and I stopped to look thinking it may be “the Great One”. This bothers me. I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life hearing, watching, getting stuck on the sidewalk for, getting stuck in traffic behind, having to move over to the side of the road, covering my ears because they are too loud for motorcades. It is just part of life when you work or live in Washington. You almost never pay it any mind and just continue doing what it was you were doing in the first place, but today was different. Instead of just continuing to walk in an effort to get the slightest feeling back into my fingertips through the nip-chilling cold, I stopped and actually gawked. Boy was I pissed and it wasn’t just because I got caught up in the commotion, it turns out that it wasn’t Bawwak Obama but rather some crappy low level diplomat from some country who would collapse if we didn’t prop them up with millions of aide dollars every year.

Lastly a quick tidbit I found on the Interweb today: “The Ten Worst Job Interview Questions Ever”. Thanks to Mike at The Business Pundit for this one.

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