Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He Died From a Case of "The Economy"

Actual Quote from a story this morning on CBS radio regarding how the economy is “hitting home” for two brothers from western Pennsylvania who are “pillars of their community” and ran the auto dealership that their father started years ago

Reporter: “[times got so lean that a last year]…one of the brothers died while setting fire to some of the cars on the lot after suffering a heart attack…then a few days ago the older brother was found dead in his car, he died from the economy.” [end of story]

SERIOUSLY? That’s a lead story on the economy? That sounds like it came from the special interest reporter/intern at WBAB-TV in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, not a national reporter for CBS Radio!

After doing some digging, here’s the whole story (courtesy of our friends at The AP)

Perhaps CBS should rethink their story. Let’s start with the fact that Gregory Graham died while trying to commit insurance fraud by burning the cars on his dealership lot. We can continue by learning that Randolph died by an apparent suicide while in his car. This is a tragic story, don’t get me wrong and I’m certainly feeling bad for the brother’s family and friends. That doesn’t preclude me however from thinking that these guys got what they deserved.

Oh I’m a heartless bastard? Yeah you’re right, I am. If the brothers couldn’t stick out the economy, then they had choices. They could have declared bankruptcy and then tried to dig out. They could have sold the dealership. They could have even driven the cars off the lot, all the way to DC, and parked them on the steps of the White House to protest the Federal Government’s bungling of the economy. But to die committing fraud or via the “economy” is not only an undignified way to take a dirt nap but also one that discredits your family’s name and honor.

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