Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That Was So Funny I Forgot To Laugh and Cheap ‘Bucks

What do you get when you combine a bus driver, a guy in a dog costume, and a bunch of screaming kids? How about an arrest for simple assault?

Remember how I was worried that McGruff the Crime Dog might not have the best intentions under that trench coat he always wears? Well MetroBus Driver Shawn Brim took that a little too far and took a swing at McGruff while the dog (or guy in costume) was handing out flyers to school children.

What’s the problem here? The potentially pedophile dog gets his just come-up-ins and all's well. Yeah, well Shawn before you slug the dog you might have wanted to check who was under the “hood” so to say as it turns out that McGruff was being played by DC Police Officer, Tyrone Hardy. It’s ok though, according to Brim, he took a swipe at the furry crime fighter, “to be funny.”

I don’t need to go into detail about what happened next (you can read the whole story here) but it involves a small chase featuring Brim’s MetroBus and several DC Police cruisers. I do want to know how somebody with Brim’s criminal record (multiple arrests but no convictions) gets a job like this. Perhaps the word “background check” may want to come into HR’s vocabulary.

Also today, Starbucks is planning on offering a new breakfast combo featuring a bowl of their oatmeal and a latte for just under $4. Wow what a great deal!! I think I’ll get some tomorrow. Only it turns out that some “critics” say it may “cheapen the Starbucks brand.” Uh...I don’t get it. Why would that matter? Isn’t the point to this whole thing to bring in customers? Are you still serving the same coffee and oatmeal in this combo as if I order them individually? Then why the hell does it cheapen the brand? I’m no economist (I don’t even play one on TV) but in these economically down times isn’t it a good idea to give your customers some good value and also bring more people in the door to purchase your products? Maybe I just have it backwards.

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