Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stop Hitting Reply All (and other e-mail ettiquite

You know you do it. You get some email from a coworker or friend and you quickly fire off a reply of “Thank You” or “this is great” or even “LOL” but instead of replying back to just the sender, you hit REPLY ALL and send that lovely message to every recipient on the list.

For some people it is a once and blue moon accident, but for many more (including many on my team) it is just habit and frankly it pisses me off. Also on that list of things that piss me off beyond belief are the people who reply back to messages that have large attachments. Unless you’re making a change to one of those just delete it out. I know I sent you a 10MB PDF, I have it on my desktop already. I don’t need another copy of it.

Why am I giving you this email etiquette reminder? Well frankly I missed (yet another) national observance week: National Etiquette Week (May 11-15) and I feel that we should all know about what makes a good coworker.

WikiHow features this guide (along with video) on proper email etiquette, Iowa State provides a full blog on all sorts of office behavior, while my man with the funny hair, Donald Trump, features this story about, what else, a “No Jerks Allowed in the Office” policy.


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Jason said...

1. Did you learn enough etiquette in frat meetings?
2. Blogger has spell check...
3. LOL
4. Thanks
5. Gold Star