Monday, July 20, 2009

Oreos or Beer (plus 2 plates)

How much do I love The Wife? I don’t believe there is an accurate number that can go large enough to properly show my affection. What other wife out there (or husband or even partner) would come home after a very long day outside enjoying the weather to say, “Gee Honey, why don’t we go to the race tonight and hand out Oreos and beer?”

Let me help you with this one, NOBODY else would ever come up with such a good idea. Yet another reason why she rocks!

Yep Saturday at the Rockville Twilighter 8k, there we were, outside the former home of Bob’s 88 Shabu Shabu, handing out the finest tasting carbs a runner could have in the form of Coors Light and Oreos (we had both Original and Golden). We ran out of beer on the outbound but had plenty of Oreos to hand out to the runners just before they came up on the finish line. Nothing says “kick hard” like partially hydrogenated oil and bleached white flour.

Happy Birthday to Pi, his first (of many, many more to come). On the way to his party I saw two license plates that I thought interesting. The first was on the GW Parkway, northbound, where I saw Virginia Plates “Pi 3 14” Very cool. Then when I pulled into a visitor’s spot in Pi’s parents’ complex I saw one of those make-your-own-message license plate frames whose message was “make-your-own message”. This frame also looked pretty worn. As in, we’ve had this very creative messaging medium for a while now but have been too damn lazy to create something. Perhaps next time they purchase a plate frame they should try this one:

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