Thursday, July 16, 2009

STOP! I Can’t Eat Another Bite.

Ok maybe one more.

And another

Oh and over there they have brisket

UGH...this is how the night ended. Both the wife and I in a hot, sweaty car wishing nothing more then to not have to make the 30 min drive home. I guess we were also wishing for a stomach pump in the near future. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles (oh no not more bad food references) when you attend Washingtonian Magazine’s “Best of Washington” party last night at the National Building Museum.

The night started out with high hopes. We posed for pictures at both the Cadillac and the Washingtonian booths along the red carpet entry way although I haven’t seen any posted yet (of us anyway...oh sure put the famous people up there!). But once we stepped into the building all hell broke loose.

For those of you who don’t know I have ADD. Oh sure it’s not diagnosed but I have me! This event features over 50 of the area’s best restaurants all handing out free food plus free beer and wine all night. Put those together and you get Me running around trying everything, asking the wife every five seconds if she wants something to drink, and basically having a mental meltdown worse then when I got to Vegas for the first time.

Now that that’s done, let’s get on with some of the highlights and low lights of the night.

Central Michel Richard’s: Mini corned beef sandwiches were the first thing we tried and one of the best.

Mussels with a light herb sauce. Their main offering of Octopus was way over-salted!

Commonwealth Gastropub: Brisket on a crustini. Not quite my Mother’s brisket but still damn good. And that’s saying something since I was already set to vomit!

Bourbon Steak:
steak slices. Duh...actually they were very good from the new steakhouse at the Four Seasons, DC

1789 Restaurant:
Fluke (fish) in cucumber pickling juices. Let’s put it this way....the wife ate cooked fish!!! Their chocolate cookies were also the only item we “double-dipped” on all night

Matchbox: taking a can of PBR, salting the top, opening it and then filling the “rim” with tequila and finishing it with a lime. Trailer-trash-tastic but damn good!


Jackie’s: Corn and beet salad. Sure it was locally grown but it still didn’t taste good.

The Majestic:
some sort of hot dog or sausage in a puff pastry. The meat had no taste and the bun was neither puffed or pastry!

Kaz Bistro:
Mexican Chicken Salad roll. In perhaps the surprise of the night I didn’t care for DC’s top sushi shop’s offerings. I know they probably didn’t have the facilities to serve raw fish but this just wasn’t good. I can get chicken salad in a roll up anytime I want at home.

I’m going home to detox. Nothing but salad for the rest of the week!

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Beth said...

You forgot to mention BGR, Cal Tort, Crepes, BBQ, etc etc etc