Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Hair?

Chris Rock is back. Even though the more I hear of him, the more he annoys me. But I do need to share with you his latest project “Good Hair”, Play the trailer below and then come back for the discussion.

Everything from “creamy crack” and “weave sex” to “hair-layaway” this movie may have it all. Perhaps the best looking part of the trailer (other then the weave sex) is to see Rock out on Crenshaw Blvd trying to make a buck hustling hair.

As a man who’s going thin, very fast, on top, I think I can speak a little on the topic of wanting your hair looking “right” but I don’t think I would ever stoop to a rug, weave, toupee, or even that fuzzy hairspray that Ron Popiel used to push back in the 80’s on late night TV.

I think this may be on my “go see” list of 2009 movies. Only time, and my hairline will tell.

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