Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cell Phones, eBay, and Karma

The other day when I got back from work, the dog was watching TV. And while I still haven’t figured out exactly how she managed to work the remote, I noticed she was watching “My Name is Earl”. I can’t say I’ve actually sat down and watched more then a minute or two since the show launched a few years ago, but the basic premise is that this guy wins the lottery and then gets hit by a car and he thinks its Karma getting back at him for being such a “bad” person over the years. So in order to change his cosmic output he sets out to use the lottery winnings to do “good” and make amends for his years of bad deeds.

Well I don’t invest a whole lot of belief in karma but I don’t wholly dismiss it either. Case in point: Monday. On the walk from my car to the train on Monday morning, I noticed something shiny on the curb and picked up a very nice Blackberry that somebody had dropped. Can you image loosing your cell phone? Now take that and multiply it a few times because you’ve lost your e-mail too. I know how naked I would feel if I had lost mine. So instead of just leaving it with the station manager and hoping it found it’s way to the main lost and found, I used my deductive reasoning (the owner’s facebook account) to figure out who’s phone it was and his e-mail address. Later in the day he got back to me to thank me for finding it (of course he was panicked all day) and we set up some time to meet and get it back to him.

Well that same day 2 items I had up on the old eBay (not to be confused with Old Bay seasoning which is much tastier) were finishing up on the selling block and were not getting much interest all week. Well when I checked back a few minutes before the close of the auction each had risen more then three-fold! Karma? Maybe but perhaps people were really interested in my Washington Nationals fleece blanket. Yeah...must have been karma.

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