Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well That Didn’t Work

Try again Danny Snider. Clearly pulling the duty of calling the offensive plays from the head coach and handing it to a guy who was calling Bingo numbers a few weeks earlier didn’t work. Your team still lost. (note here: we didn’t turn on the game until part way thru the 2nd quarter. As we were switching over to the game, Mrs. Bloggerman turns to me and says, “What do you think the score is.?” “17-0,” I replied. Well damned if when the channel changed over the score wasn’t 17-0 Eagles. I’m just that good!)

Do Danny-Boy lets recap what you’ve tried since purchasing the Redskins to create a wining team:

1) Replace the Head Coach
-Yep....you’ve run the gamut from Marty to The ‘Ole Ball Coach to bringing Gibbs out of retirement, and now trying the “rookie” in Zorn....nothing yet

2) Replace the Coaching Staff
-Yep...how many defensive coordinators has it been? 10-11? I’ve yet to see them lead the league in anything

3) Change the Quarterback
-Check...We’ve had Johnson, Wurfull, Rosenfeld, Campbell, and numerous others. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see Favre suit up in the Burgundy and Gold next season.

4) Move the team
-Well you haven’t officially moved the team but you did take away the location of “Raljon” (former owner’s creation) away and just listed your address as Landover, MD.

There are only two things he hasn’t tried yet that might break this bad luck streak. Now brace yourselves because this could be shocking:

1) Sell the Team. This isn’t going to happen but we could always dream
2) Fire Vinnie Serato and bring in a real General Manager to oversee the team. The GM is supposed to pick what players get signed, drafted, cut, etc. Vinnie only relays what Snyder wants and what Danny Boy wants is crappy big name (big price tag) players who are either way past their prime or never had a prime.

Finally I want to say that part of the problem with the team comes from the players. If I learned anything from the movie “Major League” it’s that a group of scrubs, hasbins, and Charlie Sheen can actually make it to the playoffs with a little luck and a lot of determination.

So Redskin Fan, you now have the facts. Go and promulgate, proselytize, and plagiarize your way into Dan Snyder’s office and give him the ‘ole what for(e).