Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Geriatric Spinning

Being the youngest is not that bad of a thing. You have your health and a bright future in front of you. But when you are the youngest person in a room AND bring down the median age by almost 20 years, well, that’s another story all together.

Such was the scene in the spin class I took this morning. It was me at 30 something years old and a room full of geriatric cyclists rocking out to bad techno music versions of semi-classic rock and more recent alterative rock songs. Being the youngest in the room allowed me to have the advantage of going (IMHO) the fastest and hardest in the class. I also should be more familiar with the music too. The downside is that the class started at 530am which means that my spin-mates were already up and had eaten the early bird breakfast at Denny’s. When I showed up at 525am almost all the bikes were already spoken for. They must have been lined up at 5am when the gym doors opened up and the mad rush for the best bikes ensued. I can’t compete with that! Also because the instructor fell into the AARP demographic, the excitement level of the class was significantly down from the other classes I’ve been to. Also the “exercises” or parts of the class lasted considerably longer then other classes. We stood for up to three minutes on several occasions vs. doing up-downs or “mud puddles” or even sprinting intervals. Talk about some big hills.

Note: this should have been posted yesterday regarding Tuesday’s class. Today’s class (Wednesday) was great full of energy and young people!

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