Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Left, Left, Left, uh....Left.

I was going to go on and on about how much fun I had on Sunday with Mrs. Bloggerman, my former Mistress, and the Gimp while watching the Jets try but not succeed in their game against the Colts. While I had a good time something else stuck me today that I need to expound on.

Why is my left side so screwed up? Really...everything that’s bad is on my left side. This morning alone, I cut myself shaving (left side of my chin), scraped my (left) hand, and then banged my (left) knee on the desk. A few weeks ago I caught my (left) thumb on a vegetable peeler and sliced my (left) toe on a chipped tile in the pool. A few years ago I tore ligaments in my (left) knee and about 10 years ago I broke my (left) ankle.

Nothing seemingly bad ever happens to my right hand side which is also my dominant one. I write righty, I bat righty, I throw righty, and I suspect if I knew how, I would hunt whales with a spear in my right hand.

So what the hell is wrong with the left side of my body that I’m forced to endure these hardships?

According to this random webpage, the brain function breaks down sorta like this:
Left Brain
Looks at parts

Right Brain

Looks at wholes

I don’t get it. I can do some of those Left Brain functions but I keep hurting my left side.
Is it a psychological phenomenon or just crop circles?

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