Monday, August 30, 2010

Carat Is Way Hip


Oh! Carrots are way hip, like the vegetable man...I get it now. No you don’t have to shout, I said I get it.
The article starts, “Name a snack food that's neon orange and makes a loud crunch when munched.” That’s always a good start because we have to be talking about some form of cheesy poof or maybe a spicy corn tortilla chip.

The carrot growers of America want to let you know they have a horse in this race too. It’s Baby Carrots (not to be confused with Baby Carat currently in utero) those little orange bits of crunchy goodness that make dogs and rabbits flip their lids and lift their paws. Bolthouse Farms and 50+ other carrot growers are pushing a brand new marketing campaign to turn kids (and adults) on to their bite-sized snack.

I applaud this move. Well actually I could care less about the TV spots and the billboards. What I endorse is the new packaging (see pic) they have made to look like the chips kids love and the push to get the buggers into school vending machines. But as experts predict, “I don't think Frito-Lay will be trembling.”

Nope they won’t be trembling but I want to get some more idea as to how they can make these shelf stable to stay in the machines as long as the coffee bun that has been staring you in the face since you started school 6 years ago. Good Luck with that.

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Kimberly said...

interesting new packaging.

carrots don't last long at my house, that's for sure... but Cheetos are yummier.