Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Shopping and Sponsored Running

Having a kid to share my life experiences, laugh at my stupid jokes, and to raise in my (and Mrs. Bloggerman’s) image is going to be a blessing and I’m so excited. But first we have to go shopping.

To be more accurate we need to register for other people to shop for us. When we did this for our wedding this was a great experience, especially registering for the 40 boxes of mini-Charleston Chews. Thanks Stef (btw...plugging her blog: Not Your Typical Girl’s Blog) for actually buying those. But this time I was disappointed to not find any candy in the store and the most edible product was packages of strained peas. Definitely not as much fun!

We headed over to Buy Buy Baby to get the job done. First....the store name. It’s basically telling us that if we love our kid we will “buy, buy, and then some”. If we don’t spend enough money we just don’t care about our kids and they will call DeFaS (Dept. of Family Services) on us. Deep breath and we walked inside. Actually the wife went inside and I walked down the other end of the strip to grab some coffee. When I got there I was again disappointed to find there was no “used baby” section or books on how to properly “beat your kid” but then again that could be why DFS already has my name on file!

The process as we weaved through the store was a lot easier then I had thought. 95 percent of the credit goes to Mrs. Bloggerman for having a clear list, complete with brand names and models. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for she brought the Baby Bargains Book along with us for quick reference on the next best choices. When all was said and done , I’m not sure that we have everything we need but I’m assured that we’re good to go. We’ll see.

The reason for the coffee was the early call time that morning to run the Inaugural Hershey Half-Marathon. We had a great time up in the “sweetest place on earth” and I got my first ever chance at exploiting the blank billboard I call my chest. In the past I’ve plugged Waffle House and Geico by sporting their give-aways but never have I purposely worn an item with a logo/tagline because they sponsored me. That was until this race. I want to thank Phil over at Fenicci’s restaurant for the T-shirt. I even managed to talk up the restaurant during the run with other runners and spectators. Yeah I know talking while I run....but it’s what I do. Oh and the race wasn’t bad either. 1:42:26 puts me at a PR by more than 6 min. Sweet indeed.

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