Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Do Not Bleed Burgundy and Gold

Do you?  At last check, mine is dark red but not really "burgundy".

Well I thought going to the Red Cross and donating blood was a good way to give back to the community. Evidently I was mistaken because sports sponsorship has now sunken to a new low. According to the ad I just saw, the National Captial Chapter of the American Red Cross is the “official blood donation” sponsor of the Washington Redskins. Huh? NFL teams are accepting blood donations (or sponsors anyway). While I’m all for getting more donors (unless you take my appointment) I don’t know how they go hand in hand with Football. Sure the hits are violent, but I don’t ever remember seeing the trainers administering a blood transfusion on the sidelines.

There is also nothing wrong with offering football tickets as an incentive to get a pint or two donation. It’s more practical then the cheep umbrellas that fall apart under the slightest of dampness or t-shirts that are so thin you can see through to the person behind me. But why the need to align with the NFL? How many other blood donor centers are there in the area that you can actually think to become the “official” anything?
Other then the Red Cross, you have the Inova Hospital chain in Northern Virginia and that’s about it. You are the freakin’ Red Cross! When somebody thinks of blood they think of you (and Dracula but that’s another entry about the dangers of watching Twilight!). A long while back there used to be centers that would actually pay you money for you blood. Nobody does that anymore. So if there’s no money, and no more Coke products (only juice), just give away the tickets and drop the stupid sponsorship thing!

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