Monday, November 15, 2010

Take Me To the Cleaners To Get Some Coffee

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Starbucks (if that is your real name!) for taking me to the cleaners this holiday season. I thought the point here was “good will toward man”? Evidently, I don’t fall into that category because you keep charging me more for my coffee. I’m not trying to be difficult here either. I don’t order a triple-soy-no foam-four Splenda-double cup-half decaf-could you put a birthday candle in it for me – moca-chi-ino. If you wanted a few extra cents for doing all that work, sure no problem. But what I’m talking about here is nothing more than a few shots of flavor.

Specifically I’m expressing my outrage over your holiday seasonal lattes. On a recent trip to one of your establishments I saw a sign promoting your limited time flavors of the season, Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread, and Eggnog. Oh boy am I excited! I love this time of favorite flavors come out everywhere; from pies to coffee. Put me down for one of those Gingerbread Lattes, but only a tall since I don’t want to have to run and find a Men’s room four times in the next five minutes.

“That’ll be $3.75 cents sir.”

Wha...wha...what? Are you serious?

How can a tall, seasonal-flavored latte cost more than one in the middle of the summer? According to your menu, a regular tall latte will run me $2.75. Add to that another $0.40 for a flavor shot and you end up with a $3.15 drink, composed of espresso, steamed milk, and a pump or two of flavored syrup. That’s still way too expensive but I won’t get into the world of overpriced gourmet coffee (although I could get roughly the same thing at 7-11 for $2 less!).

Yet, you are charging me an extra $0.60 for the honor of having a bit of holiday fun. I don’t get it? Does Dunkin Donuts charge me $0.20 more to have a Pumpkin Donut? Does the guy at the farmers market charge me more for a peach in the middle of the summer? they don’t, because it’s the season for such things. In fact, I’d probably be OK paying a few cents more to have a peppermint latte in the middle of July. That just makes sense.

So keep your grubby hands out of my wallet. If I have to go to Starbucks then I’m going to keep to the “regular” flavors and save my holiday merry making for places that don’t charge extra for a little cheer.

Peace out!

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